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Career Philippines Shipmanagement, Inc. is currently manning around 311 ships of various types: Containerships up to 18,000TEUs, Bulk Carriers including Capesizes, Chemical and Crude Oil Tankers, Multi-Purpose vessels capable of carrying 750 tons, Reefer Ships, RoRo Ferries, Expedition Cruisers and Luxury Passenger ships. With this fleet, Career was able to annually deploy more than 7,000 seafarers since 2010.

Career was one of the very first Philippine manning agencies certified under the ISO-9001 2008 as Crew Management and Training for International Shipping in 1994 and is continually ISO compliant for many years without a single major nonconformity.

Career has always experienced a high retention rate for both Officers and Ratings. Five of the ten cadets deployed in 1975, are still engaged within the Career family. Every year Career deploys at least 150 deck, engine and electrical cadets, mostly products of its In-House Cadet Training Program and IMEC Program with MAAP/UC. This is how our company strengthens and replenishes our future officers. In 2015, we deployed 96 Masters and 127 Chief Engineers to various types of ocean-going vessels.



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